Donnerstag 19. April 2018


Society for research of the Council History (Gesellschaft für Konyiliengeschichtsforschung e.V.)

The Society of Research of the Council History was founded in 1973 and is a registered association in Augsburg; its main goal is to support scientific research in the area of Council History.

The association supports a collection of scientific contributions and event management for symposia (bi-annual) for its scientific collaborations and research projects. The contributions are published in the Annuarium Historiae Conciliorum (founded by Remigius Bäumer + and Walter Brandmüller and published by Johannes Grohe/Rome) and in the book series, Konziliengeschichte (founded by Walter Brandmüller and published by Peter Bruns/Bamberg and Thomas Prügl/Vienna). Additionally the association supports the publication of a Lexicon of Councils (published by Peter Bruns/Bamberg, Ansgar Frenken/Ulm, Johannes Grohe/Rome, and Nelson H. Minnish/Washingston).

Members of the association are scholars and lawyers. All financial contributions in support of the research are tax deductible in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Founding members are: the former Bishop of Augsburg, Dr. Josef Stimpfle (1916-1996) who  with Dr. Helmut Reiner (Kaufbeuren) was also an honorary member, Dr. Bernd Potthast (1922-2008, Cologne), Dr. Klaus Müller (Augsburg), Hedwig Wellano (Dillingen), Dr. Leo Weckbach (Augsburg), Marie-Luise Haindl (Augsburg), Dr. Josef Fitzek (1921-2013, Cologne), Msgr. Simon Eding (1933-2012, Augsburg) and Prof. Dr. Walter Brandmüller (Augsburg).

Acting boards of the association are: Executive board: President: Alois Konstantin Fürst zu Löwenstein / Kleinheubach, Vice President: Prof. Dr. em. Petar Vrankic / Geltendorf-Wallenhausen, Treasurer: Brigitte Martini / Epfach, and Secretary: Prof. Dr. Horst Schmidt-Bischofshausen / Neubiberg) with a Scientific Council comprised of five members: council (Peter Bruns / Bamberg, Ansgar Frenken / Ulm, Johannes Grohe / Rome, Heinz Ohme / Berlin, and Thomas Prügl / Vienna) as well as the Assembly of Members.

Address of the association:

Gesellschaft für Konziliengeschichtsforschung e.V

c/o Prof. Dr. Petar Vrankic

Kardinal-Brandmüller-Platz 1

D-82269 Walleshausen