The Research Project History of Church Councils

Gesellschaft für Konziliengeschichtsforschung e.V.

The Gesellschaft für Konziliengeschichtsforschung (Society for Council History Research) was founded in 1973 and is an association registered in the Augsburg Register of Associations, which has set itself the task of promoting scientific research in the field of Council History.
It promotes the collection of scientific papers and the organization of symposia (usually every two years) for the scientific staff involved in its research projects.
The articles are published in the journal Annales Historiae Conciliorum (until 2019 Annuarium Historiae Conciliorum, founded by Remigius Bäumer † and Walter Brandmüller) and in the book series Konziliengeschichte (founded by Walter Brandmüller, published by Peter Bruns / Bamberg and Thomas Prügl / Vienna). In addition, the society supports the publication of a Lexikons der Konzilien (edited by Peter Bruns / Bamberg, Ansgar Frenken / Ulm, Johannes Grohe / Rome and Nelson H. Minnich / Washington).
Members of the association are natural and legal persons. Your financial contributions to the advancement of the Council's History are tax deductible in the Federal Republic of Germany.
The founding members are: the Augsburg Bishop Dr. . Josef Stimpfle (1916-1996, honorary chairman) and Dr. Helmut Reiner (Kaufbeuren), Dr. Bernd Potthast (1922-2008, Cologne), Dr. Klaus Müller (Augsburg), Hedwig Wellano (1928-2019, Dillingen), Dr. Leo Weckbach (Augsburg), Marie-Luise Haindl (1924-1997, Augsburg), Dr. Josef Fitzek (1921-2013, Cologne), Msgr. Simon Eding (1933-2012, Augsburg) and Prof. Dr. Walter Brandmüller (Augsburg). Here is a newspaper report about the founding meeting.
The organs of the association are the board (chairman: Dr. Peter Kohlgraf, Bishop of Mainz, Prof. Dr. iR Petar Vrankić / Krumbach, treasurer: Brigitte Martini / Epfach and secretary Prof. Dr. Horst Schmidt-Bischofshausen / Neubiberg) with an Advisory board comprising five scientists (Peter Bruns / Bamberg, Ansgar Frenken / Ulm, Johannes Grohe / Rome, Heinz Ohme / Berlin and Thomas Prügl / Vienna) as well as the general assembly.


Address of the association:
Gesellschaft für Konziliengeschichtsforschung e.V
c / o Prof. Dr. Petar Vrankic
Koenigsbergerstrasse 14th
D-86381 Krumbach