Symposium Council and Minority

The conference "Council and Minority" of the International Society for the Study of Conciliar History took place in Rome from 10-14 October 2018. Venue: Pontificia Università della Santa Croce and Roman Institute of the Görres Society. Programme and summary of the lectures and short presentations as well as further information here.

L'Osservatore RomanoH/SOZ/KULT and Acistampa have referred to the conference.

Here is a picture gallery (PUSC) and another picture gallery (Campo Santo) on the conference.

Press echo: Domradio (Benjamin Leven) and H/SOZ/KULT (Matthias Bürgel).

The papers were published with an introduction by Johannes Grohe and Thomas Prügl : Part 1 and Part 2 in AHC 49 (2018/2019), as well as in AHC 50 (2020): Part 3.